Friday, September 9, 2011

Buttercup Purse

I love this super cute buttercup purse (pattern found here). It's very simple and easy, but the style is just perfect! I hope to try it out in a larger size soon, and I'll definitely post pictures once I do!

Awesome, yes? The fabric is so fall-ish. A purse for every season!

Slip pocket inside. Perfect size for matching wallet?

A little more young and modern. Super cute!

I love the pop of pink on the inside!

I think I'll be making myself one (or two) of these!

Quilted purses

I've gotten more into the quilting thing lately. It's very "hip" now-a-days, and it adds a nice detail to purses. Unfortunately, it takes a LOT longer than just making a normal purse. But I think it's worth it!

Quilted tote.

The tote has an inner zipper pocket and a separated flap pocket.

I recently used quilting on a custom purse made for my cousin. I like it!

Quilted prettiness.

The other side of the purse is pleated.

And it also has an inner zipper pocket and separated slip pocket.

I have more quilted things in progress now. I hope the extra time is worth the end result.

Small, Fancy Purse

I love this style. It's the perfect purse for a wedding or night on the town. Could easily fit a wallet, phone, keys, lip gloss, and then some! I want to dress up and wear it out to a play downtown.

Black and blue with ribbon detailing.

Turquoise and chocolate brown.