Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Custom Fun!

Whew! What a long, crazy summer! While I didn't get to sew quite as much as I would have liked (too much going on!), I was able to make a few new projects over my summer vacation. A few of the purses I sewed were custom orders for a lovely new friend. I really enjoy trying to make a purse that is just what a customer is looking for. And since I don't have much time for custom orders (or the many hours it takes to quilt), I'm glad I got to have a little fun this summer.

The first bag I made was "designed" by me. I put "designed" in quotation marks because it's a pretty simple quilted tote that doesn't take a ton of designing ability. But it still turned out nicely.

My lovely customer was so satisfied, she requested TWO more quilted bags!

Not too bad, eh? While I had a lot of fun with these bags, I think I'm ready to avoid quilting for a while. It just takes so long! Maybe some simple wallets are in my future...

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